Each Brahmin family follows unique traditions. Traditionally the Namboothiris of Akathekunnath Mana performed rituals for Bhrahmarakshassu. Even during ancient times, the priests of this family performed the rituals associated with Bhramarakshas at neighbouring temples and states.

Brahma Rakshas are powerful enough to grant any boon. In many Hindu temples, you can find idols of Brahma Rakshas in outer walls and are generally offered pooja, respects and an oil lamp is lit on regular basis in front of their idols. Idols of Bhramarakshas are installed after certain rituals. Those rituals are performed by members of Akathekunnath Mana as they have blessings of Kodungalloor Bhagavathi and Bhramarakshas. So a large number of people visit Akathekunnath Mana in order to get blessings from Bhagavathi and Bhrama Rakshas.

The members of the Mana have the power of healing the mental and physical ailments through the power of mantras and poojas. People from various parts of the world come here for their prayers and well conduct in their lives. The ghee given after poojas at the temple of the Mana is said to be very effective for having good children and also for Badha nivaranam. Patients still approach the namboothiris of the mana for cure. The main offering for the Bhagavathi is Kadina Payasam. The special offering for Brahma Rakshas is Pal Payasam. Lighting Valiyavillaku and offering Kadinapayasam is done to please Bhagavathi.

During different months of the year different types of poojas are done at the temple.
The following are most important ones.

  • In the month of Chingam, Kalam pattu is conducted.
  • In the month of Thulam, Visesha poojas, Veda murajapam are conducted.
  • In the month of Medam, Mulamkavil Anjamvela is conducted.
  • In the month of Vaisakam Bhagavatha Parayanam is conducted.
  • In the month of Karkadakam, Eshwaraseva and giving respects to Vedic Bhramins(Veda Namaskaram) is conducted.

A lot of devotees come to Akathekunnath Mana telling their desires and wishes have been fulfilled, we say that all good fortunes are due to the blessings of Bhagavati and Cherpulleseri Sathavu.